hari-hari dalam hidupku

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This real life story of a muslimah really inspire me..it shows the real meaning of 'pergantungan kepada Allah' the Almighty..

This is the most important component in life that will ensure success in this world and there after.

It is true that in this life we have a lot of targets and ambitions to achieve, but if we don't have this principal, we'll be like a robot which function only to work and nothing else.This is when a human may forget their main purpose in life and why are we here in this world.

While reading this book I tried to implement the situation with modification to my life's situation and i pray hard that i'll always be grateful and seek Allah's blessings in whatever i do instead of human preference..it is a superb motivational and eye opener book for me..anything that can remind me to the Almighty Allah and to be grateful would be superb for me..Alhamdulillah..

Read and comprehend it!biiznillah..

p/s: revising the 'tarbiyatul aulad'..:)

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