keeping up creativity and imagination

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Choosing the right toys for our child is important. At this age, umar has a lot of imaginations and he links his ideas with what he observed or experienced.

I found out that this 'educational toy' is perfect for umar and surprisingly he can keep exploring it for hours.

He will build something and later he'll explain to us what is he making.

The way he explores it was impressing. he spent some times to observe first while ayah make a demo, later he asked the function of the tools provided to build the intelligent blocks into anything he likes.

I prefer this kind of tool for my son as he not only improve his imagination and creativity but also his motor skills and thinking skills as he would explain each and everything he builds after he completed one.

*with some help and guidance from strengthen parents-child bonding as well*

Alhamdulillah!bravo son.

Child learns while playing..let them play and guide them!

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