vege day!

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Umar always loves to help me in the is a good activity for kids to learn! never stop them from entering the kitchen or help us cooking, instead we should think creatively how we can get them to help while ensuring their safety:)

Umar cutting the old cucumber left in the fridge..he was using the secret recipe's 'cutter'. He discovered:

1. the name of the vege : cucumber (and cabbage too)
2. the texture of the cucumber
3. the feel (cold)
4. confidence (as he do adult work the way he wants to)
5. the taste of the vege

later after cooking and having lunch we surf on the net on vegetables. Umar learns on carrot, cabbage, capsicum besides cucumber.

while we are surfing I let him to hold the real vege at the same time so that he can relate.

we surf on:

1. how plants grow (on particular those veges), how the vege's plants look like..

2. what are the nutrition content e.g. carrot vitamin A which is good for the eyes (we learns this from songs)

Umar asked me to cook carrot on the next day and have cabbage soup for the dinner:)

When I asked, "who made the vege?" umar answered" Allah!"

Always try to nurture the trust and the existance of Allah in our kids!

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