diary: labor

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25th Jan 2010..3.02am

Writing from my PDA. 3.02am, 6hrs post labor. Can't sleep.Last night around this time I couldnt' sleep as well. So I woke up in discomfort,wudhu' and performed the tahajjud,hajat and taubat prayers.Was performing all in sitting position. I prayed so hard for everything and seek for His forgiveness for all my wrong doings as I was not sure whether tomorrow I will still be in this world as labor seems so near. Now I am laying down and I was so thankful to Allah for a better labor experience this time..I kept reciting any zikr that came to my mind..en suami was asleep on the chair beside my bed..

Baby is in the nursery now after 2 breastfeeding sessions. First, 20mins after birth. Baby fed for 40mins, alhamdulillah he is an excellent sucker..second time was around 2 am just now..I asked the nursery to wake me up during feeding session if i am asleep. Then the nurse took him as I was too tired, headache and nauseous as well.

Flash back on today's experiences..

In the morning,mild contraction started. I was pretty sure that it was real contraction as it not only on my tummy but involved my back as well. It happened every half an hour and last for about 20-30secs only between mild and moderate strength. So I kept doing a little house chores and help umar with his art.

After zuhr prayer, both umar and I took a nap. In my sleep I felt the contraction became stronger but not convinced me yet to go to the hospital. Still bear with it.

After the Asr prayer, I recited the 'surah' maryam.Half way I felt stronger contraction and need to go to the toillet and realized I had the bloody show.call hubby to come home immediately. Hubby arrived, let umar took his bath n off we go around 6.30pm.

Obstetrician came, cervix only 3cm dilated. Artificial rupture of membrane (ARM- doct tear the membrane to release the amniotic fluid) was done.Started from that moment my contractions became very strong and very frequent. Two contractions in one minute each lasted for 20-30secs. it was really painful till tears rolled down my cheek. In 1 hr opening progress very well to 5cm. They came and gave full support as they agreed that the contractions were too frequent.

Hubby told me he wanted to send umar to MIL's. I agreed as I thought labor will happen around 11pm the earliest..Hubby left at 9pm. Kissed his hand and asked for forgiveness. Umar kissed me and kept repeating "ummi, umar loves ummi".. it touches me so much!

10minutes after hubby left, I have very very strong contractions and obstetrician decided to check for the opening and ..

"guess what?! os is full..you can push now!" no wonder i had this very bad pain below my belly button area and the urge to push was soo strong..I was so relieved to hear that..

I pushed with all my might ..I remember the technique i usually advice my patients to do when they are pushing..

chin on chest, hold the ankle or thigh, open wide, deep breath in and push with all the energy and breath in a lil bit in between to push more..never shout or make any sound as it releases the energy..

"it was OP position (head facing upwards instead of downwards)..but its ok try to push and I am confident you can do it!" oh doctor intan was very supportive..after 5 pushings..alhamdulillah baby was out..i hugged him while they wiped him...

after that everything seems easier and less painful..had a second degree tear and got a little sutures for that..managed to chit chat with dr intan while she suturing and she kept repeating "nurse tahu tak kenapa saya jaga patient ni baik-baik..?" "kenapa dr?" "sebab saya nak dia amik O&G(pakar sakit puan)"...she never failed to inspire me every time we met..thanks dr intan..and most important - thank you Allah for everything!!



NHCH said...

Ana, congratulations... I was sooo busy tending to my newborn terlupa ada gak kwn2 yg tggu hari... enjoy breastfeeding...

cutiecaliph said...

enjoy breastfeeding to you too!;) how's ur lil one?

ibuaiman said...

tahniah dik dgn kedatangan bb baru...semiga bersemangat untuk jd pakar o&g..adik sekarang kerja kat mana?

kalau sudi, jenguk lar blog akak kat www.klinik-ibuaiman.blogspot.com

anak_singa said...

Tahniah Kak Ana!

Pial Khadilla Abdullah said...

mashallah congrats on yr gorgeous boy! may allah bless u all

Rina Adnan-Demade said...

tahniah Ana! comel baby :)

temp. housewife said...

it's interesting to read a labor entry from a doctor. it's so much different from us who aren't doctors. BTW, my second daughter was also born in OP position too plus the dr performed a breech.

cutiecaliph said...

ibuaiman: thanks for the encouragement..insyaAllah I'll try my best..

anak_singa: jzklh dear!

Pial Khadilla Abdullah: Thanks dear!Hugs!

Rin: thanks Rin!!hugs**

temp housewufe: xde beza sangat dear, sama saja kita semua..;) same experience..lama sikit la push ye for the OP?

Pink dan Biru said...

hi mummy..come visit our little shop http://pinkdanbiru.blogspot.com See ya!

Hasanah said...

Salam Ana,

Congratulations on your 2nd hero =)

*Still remember the day yang aku kena jadik pengapit-bidan-terjun ko! hehe

cutiecaliph said...

Hasanah: thanks ..heh tuhla..bidang terjun tuh:)