only two of us..

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I am awake in the middle of the night..nursing baby thariq..with frequent hourly feeding ,this wild thought came to my mind ; 'I miss my long uninterrupted sleep'..umar had been sleeping for the whole night since now I am back in the same routine again with my newborn thariq..

But I would not complaint..I will enjoy all these moments to the fullest, the sweet moment between me and my lovely bubbly son one else only two of us.

I enjoy stroking his soft skin gently while he feeds on me..letting him grasps my finger with his little hands..talking or looking straight into his eyes when he's in his peaceful contented smiles..I definitely going to miss all these moments as he grows up so how I miss those moment I treasured with dearest beloved Umar when he was as tiny as thariq..


temp. housewife said...

ooo the way u describe it is soo beautiful.

cutiecaliph said...

temp. housewife: it is indeed the most beautiful moment in our life as a mother!;)

Timmy said...

Skarang Faheem pulak kalau nk menyusu mlm2 tak nanges2 dah... Dia tendang Ummi dia kuat dgn kaki sampai Ummi dia bangun.. Mcm2... 

cutiecaliph said...

k timmy: uisk..kuat tuh faheem..kata anak bujang ek:)
thariq pn gerak2 kan tgn dgn vigorousnye..sampai ummi dia terbgn heheh..