swimming and quran

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Alhamdulillah, despite my busy schedule with full support from dearest zauj (hubby) a few new plans has been implemented for umar:)

1. swimming class.. he learns very fast, 1st motivation from his interest in playing with water, and 2nd good swimming instructor..

Rasulullah bersabda," ajarilah anak-anak kalian berkuda, berenang dan memanah" (riwayat sahih bukhari/muslim)

2. Umar almost finishing his al Furqan(few pages before moving to full muqaddam verses), he has memorize some short surahs from juz ammar but i wish he could read properly for better hafazan process...

"eh i thought umar has finished his furqan few months back?"..yes true that we have started this few months back and almost finishing all 3 books but i sent umar for a quranic session with one ustaz because i was busy early this year but they underestimated umar and only introducing huruf hijaiyah for the 3months he enrolled in the class..perhaps because they have quite a big number of students thus each only read a few lines..end up I have decided to teach him my own..when I am oncall ayah will take this role to teach umar..

now we have started introducing arabic words to him so that he will learn to understand that what he is learning now is more than just plain reading but it brings lots of meaning behind it..

I'm using the 'Lughatul jannah' set..just started with 1st book..

a long journey begins with a single step..may Allah ease our effort to learn quran.. amin

Allhummafaqihu fiddin..walimhu ta'wil..

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