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Having hectic schedule of many roles we played in life, I've found out that waking up 2hrs or even half an hr earlier than others in the family really makes huge different . It provides more time to tune to myself, to 'talk' about my concern or problem to the Almighty Allah and to prepare what ever needed for the day.

In islam it had actually been practice by many muslims out there. When I was in Oz, I remembered how discipline my housemates were which had influenced me to do the same. We woke up about an hr before the fajr prayer.Whoever woke up the earliest would wake the others. together we performed 'tahajjud' prayer n other prayers. the feeling was very nice. Knowing someone always care about you and it motivated everyone to wake up early in the chill-cold temperature.

Nowadays after being a wife, we practice the same principle. Each wakes another for the morning.we both perform prayer together before beloved son wakes up.

2hrs or at least half an hr before fajr, really works for me.I feel more prepared for the day,fresh and blessed.

Start the day early and earlier than anyone else in the family also is suggested in a number of motivational books and was practiced by those who succeeded in life. The different for muslim is we are offered opportunity to be alone with the almighty..why dont we try?

small thing may make big different!

have a try! biiznillah..

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