have a little faith

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the above title sounds familiar? Yeah right, it one of the famous book by Mitch Albom that you can find on the front shelves of mph or popular bookstores.

I myself haven't read that book and not sure what the content about.

recently I came across a number of examples where people from other religion bring fwd their faith to public. one thing that still bothering my mind is that, why seldom I see example for islam?

Even napoleon hill the author of many famous 'self-enrichment' books talk about his religion in his motivational book.

Even my lecturer who is a general practioner and a strict buddhist openly offer books on 'buddha' at the university's main counter but why muslim still wanna hide their faith? (not all but the majority I believe).

I am grateful for one major and important 'thing' i've learned from studying abroad is - 'izzah of islam (a.k.a proud of my religion). Being outside my home country had offered me an opportunity to have a bird's eye view of what happen in it.It allows me to compare and contrast many aspects.

Being in a country which majority of the citizens are non-muslims had opened my eyes on how people respect muslims.

a friend told me that one stranger whom she met at the psychiatric ward said; "muslim are lucky as you guys have clear guideline on what are allowed and forbidden as compared to my religion (which i've forgotten what religion he embraced). That's why i'm here".

umar tudung

I was very proud to wear my hijjab (tudung) as I felt like there's a flag on my head written 'i'm a muslim'. I love to explain to non-muslim who asked question e.g. Why you wear hijjab?why you don’t touch dog? Why you don't shake hands with males etc..they asked with full respect coz they want to know.

Undeniable that there are some cases where anti-islam insulted us. one example of my experience 'hey, just touch the doggy, he's cleaner than you muslim!!'- just be calm and don't waste your time arguing with them.

So..the conclusion is...have some faith (islam)and 'izzah of it (be proud of it) and share it with everyone because it is more precious than gold and anything valuable in this world. Imagine you have something very precious and for sure you wanna share it especially with your beloved ones. If they avoid it, I'm sure you will make him believe and have it right?

ballighu anni walau ayah...convey even for only a sentence!

all d best!


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