I did tell, I did

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I have finished this book a while ago. As described below, it is about a typical abuse case. In medical we usually refer it as 'star case' as a code to protect confidentiality. This case happens a lot in our real world including Malaysia.

It is a real story and I was attracted to read it as I want to find out how deep the parents words influence the child's psychology and their attitude, why parents do it and how the kids affected by the evil experience in short and long term.

The description from the book:

Cassie couldn-t remember when the abuse began, but from an early age she knew that her life was different from other children. Her mother made it clear that she wasn-t wanted, she wasn-t loved and He said that he was her friend, that this was his way of showing her that she was special. With no one else to turn to, finally she found the courage to speak out, to tell her mother what he did to her. But her mother wouldn-t listen, and with horror, Cassie was to discover exactly who her abuser was, and why she would never be heard. I Did Tell, I Did is the incredible story of a girl who was betrayed by everyone who should have loved her, and how she overcame the pain to find happiness and love, and to learn how to live with her past.

I am grateful to Allah for His loves and rahmah..alhamdulillah and may Allah protect us from sinful deeds!

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