turning moment ino opportunity

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Optimism is synonymous with success. Every difficulty or even just an ordinary moment may be turned into an opportunity.

For example, Ms Lin was instructed to go for outstation for 4 days. She is a working mother who never been apart from her 2 young kids except for work. She found that it is hard to do it even for only 4 days.

Despite entertaining her misery, she has decided to turn it into an opportunity for her to read more on her current interest on online business and do some research on it since she does not has her daily routine with her kids. She ends up feeling occupied and went through the day with satisfaction and great outcome.

On the daily routine, a mother may change a boring routine into an interesting opportunity for her kids to learn. For example, the bath time. It is actually one of the most precious learning time. By being more creative for every different bath, it will make it a learning opportunity.

E.g. Experiment with water, why bottle float? why we cant breath in water etc. This may also be the stimulating step for further internet or encyclopedia exploration on the brought up point during bathtime.

what we need is some creativity and positive thinking!biiznillah..

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