umar sleeps alone

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Thanks to Allah for another day to live in this world.

When we first moved to this house, we have decided for umar to sleep in his own bedroom.
I had this soft spot in me where I feel pity to him as I was afraid if my baby would think that we were abandoning him.

Hubby is a determined person and he always motivate and help me to deal with my own feeling.
Realizing the importance and the benefit from this 'step' I tried my best to hold my emotion and support this process.

Alhamdulillah since umar was 1year 11months old we managed to put him to sleep in his own bedroom.


*this was when he is few months old, the bed was not lowered down yet..need full monitoring*

what we have tried to encourgae him to sleep alone were:

1. spend one to one time with him and explain that he would sleep in his own bedroom. It is special for him and exclusively decorate for him.

2. we included nice (but not expensive) soft decoration e.g. cartoon curtain (fish theme, blue colour), his fav books and toys, dim light, a corner for him to do his activities..his own choice.

3. spend time with him before he fall asleep to read bedtime stories (choosen stories), whisper to him when he almost fall asleep to make him feel safe and to let him know we both loves him so much..and to utilise the power of subconscious mind;)

4. ensure that he is comfortable before sleep e.g. not hungry, toilet before sleep etc.

5. in the morning he usually call us "ummi umar dah bangun" or sometime we caught him play at his activity corner as he woke up.

6. first few mornings of the process, entertain his concern about sleeping alone and explain the real situation e.g. if he scared to be alone, explain that we are just next door and Allah always with him:) ..praise him as he successfully sleep alone through the night

7. need patience as it is a challenging process initially..;) trust in Allah, your son and in as a team with your spouse.

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