umar the science kid

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yesterday we did an experiment on milk and detergent..we wanna see how the detergent breaks down the fat in was simple and interesting experiment for umar to try..

I've noticed that umar now can follow instruction and eager to see the outcome..

Asusual he'll ask many questions that challenged me to answer. It is a good signs, it shows that his brain is working and he was learning while doing the experiment.


*the things needed*


*umar's happy and enthusiastic face before we start*


*the outcome* small bubbling when the fat was broken down by detergent

After finishing the experiment, umar asked for more flour to be added to the mixture. He wants to repeat the homemade dough activity that we had few weeks back. So I add some more flour and found out that the dough was softer and smells experiment by umar..bravo!

after everything was done, as usual umar will say "Allhamdulillah" (in his own slang- according to my mum, its like mualaf pronounce it *cute*)

Do more and learn more!

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