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hint for my baby's gender as above from my latest 31 weeks ultrasound

my friend one day asked "why pregnant lady walk like a toddler wearing diaper?" ..

if we noticed pregnant woman has a wide based gait/ walking style. Discomfort while walking is not the only issue faced by the preggie but discomfort during sleep and bending as well. This is because of two reasons.

1- the growing belly /uterus
2- the hormonal changes

As our baby grow, our abdominal muscle may weaken and changes our posture. It cause more 'burden' to the backbone hence cause the ache.

another cause is the hormonal changes. It causes the ligaments (the tissue connecting between bones) to become loose hence we feel discomfort and less stable while walking, changing position while sleeping or even lifting the leg during wudhu'.

I personally found that it is helpful to put a bolster or rolled blanket between legs during sleeping. sleep on my side. wear comfortable flat shoe. maintain straight posture rather than slumping forward as the belly grows. Relaxing massage before sleep (husband may help with this).

Just take it easy. This is a challenge to become a mother and prepare us for more challenging experience ahead. Bear in mind there will be reward from Allah and kifarah 'dosa'. So just be patience and enjoy the pregnancy experience!

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