My big handsome boy :)

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Oh my, alhamdulillah..looking at these photos, I realized that my son is a big boy now. How time flies and now he almost becoming a brother to another mujahid in the family, InsyaAllah..

MasyaAllah, I am so grateful to Allah with all His sustenance, loves and the chance for me to feel the best experience of being a mother especially at this young age.

Umar likes to imitate what his ayah doing. Last few weekends, ayah washed the car and he also wanna 'wash' his motorbike (a gift from atuk Kamisan) and his bicycle.

When Umar asked me, i thought to myself why not?it will be a good experience for him besides exposing him to the 8am, morning sunlight for the Vit D!;)

not yet had his bath! he was soo focus..alhamdulillah

he did exactly what ayah was doing;) so cute!

Bravo son..may Allah bless u always dear Umar al Faruq!

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