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Some one said that it is difficult to find a detail or specific book that guides parents on what to do or not to do at certain age.

I found this book is a good one

It is true that parenting books mostly talk on general points on how to educate our little one. It is based on our own creativity to plan for our each and every child.

I presume it is because every child is different and what best for A is not surely best for B. The best way is to try and error to find out what suit for them and sometimes this process takes longer than what we expected.
A young child has many needs and active; flexibility is the key important principle. Flexible but firm on what we want to achieve on specific time frame.

I myself found that it is very tight time frame to utilise the'golden' age of a child before they reach kinder age. Especially before the age of three.
Not my main intention to make them an outstanding student at school but to stimulate all their senses. Provide sufficient love and cares and prepare them to continue the learning experience in future.

Nothing could compare the happiness and satisfaction to see umar's cheerful face, the excitement of exploring together and how he uses and links what he learned in his daily life.

To be frank I certainly feels motherhood is a really precious and enjoyable experience in a person named, "mother".Undeniable that it is a huge responsibility as it is an trust given by Allah.

The enjoyable experience of motherhood really change my view on having another child after the painful experience of giving birth. Now we are looking forward for our second caliph in the more prepared and organize manner mentally and physically compared to the first as I was still studying back then. May Allah makes both our boys a pious and musleh persons. Amin


amiza said...

ana, aku pon ada buku tu!!wedding gift..

cutiecaliph said...

good2..aku dah baca dolu2..untuk second child ni revise balikutk refresh i feel that more applicable for both!

cutiecaliph said...

bestkan buku tu..sangat banyak information dan berguna..sangat suka!