Early childhood stimulation

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I was browsing and reading on a forum regarding early childhood education and I realized that some mothers view early childhood education as 'teaching' their child early with books etc. Some says that they scared to practice this as it may cause their child to become 'weng' (mental problem).

It is actually more than that. It is not so rigid where we only teach using book, maths cards.
I personally view this as an early childhood 'stimulation'. Stimulation can be done in many ways and it is important besides the loves and care we provide for our kids. Even our daily interaction, touch, and contact with our child since age 0 may be considered as early childhood stimulation.

Even if we use flash cards it does not really mean we 'teach' the baby but actually we stimulate them. For example, a newborn, their vision is very limited. They can not see many things yet and only black and white colours. It is good to stimulate the vision development by showing the flash card on many shapes and characters with black and white colours. The main purpose is to enhance the eye development and not definitely to make the child 'learn' as in the literal meaning.

The more we stimulate our child, the better they develop their senses and indirectly stimulate their brain cells thus improve the neurons connection..

above just my own personal opinion..

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