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I guess everyone is familiar with the person name Ibn Sinna or so called Avicenna in the West who is well known of book on medicine name al Qanun fi al Tibb (or known as Canon in western) as well as Ar Rahzees the person whom discovered the origin of smallpox and showed that one could only acquire it once in one's life, thus showing the existence of the immune system and how it worked.

They all are Islamic scholars whom I believed had a great stimulation and exposure in their early childhood.

If we realized, there are differences in the educational system practiced during their time and now. In their time they were exposed to the Quran and spiritual knowledge as the first step then they were introduced to other fields e.g. arts etc. It was like an 'upside down' triangle. They learn one core subject, the Quran then others. That was the reason why they not only master the medicine but other fields as well.

But for us now, we are the 'upright' triangle. We learned many subjects since kinder age i.e. music, arts, english, sejarah, alam manusia, science etc and then as we grow up we choose the specialized area we are interested in. That is why now we even have the 'eyelid specialist'. Very sub specialization.

With this awareness, I was thinking so hard and worked out how to raise my children and applying the old system which is learning and mastering the Quran first then later come the other areas.

Some points which I found out as important area (anyone reading this may add other points which i've missed) to start from now are:

- the ability to read Quran / Arabic
-understanding of Arabic language
-master in Quranic knowledge
-study of other Islamic knowledge e.g. 'ilmu wahyu', tasawwur, fiqh etc.(yes, these are under Quranic knowledge as well)

I admit that it was quite 'late' for me to start as Umar is already 3 years old and in less than 6 months time his ability to utilize his right brain hemisphere will diminished thus I lost the opportunity to utilize his language dominant brain. But I would keep trying for umar and improve for my next child.

I am still looking for good guidance to provide my children with Quranic and other Islamic knowledge. It sound advanced but the reality is, we have to start now. It is essential to expose them with the basic as a stepping stone to move further in future. I really hope anyone reading this may share their own personal experience on this.

Update on umar progress in his Islamic study:

Umar almost finish his book 2 of al-Furqan. He shows good progress and enthusiasm even though sometimes he quite cheeky and try to avoid learning the Furqan:P. We also had started on Islamic history by reading bedtime stories on the 'stories from the Quran'. Undeniable lots of challenging questions came from him. e.g. Who is prophet ummi? where is Allah? Who is syaitan? Where is heaven? and the list goes on!

It is a good experience to know that he is thinking because he asked heaps of Q's! Alhamdulillah..


kak long said...

Salam min.....kak long pun dah belikan amni furqan. Mmg menarik dan mudah dibaca. Ada beberapa soalan nak tanya ni
1. Bila min mula mengajar umar membaca furqan dan berapa lama masa yg diambil untuk habiskan buku satu?
2. Bagaimana cara mengajarnya dan bila berapa byk yg perlu di ajar dlm satu masa?
3. Apakah perlu ada penetapan masa belajar dan perlu dilakukan setiap hari?

cutiecaliph said...

kak long: we had a long discussion on this already kan? sorry baru perasan ade komen kat post ni..

all the best k long!apa2 pun be optimist on what ever we do! optimism is the ultimate key to success!