the arts of doing nothing

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Have you ever feel that you are wasting your child's time or maybe future for not doing anything on one particular day? I had this feeling before but then I've realized that doing 'nothing' is something:)

in early childhood learning process, our child learn in every single second. They learn through what they see, feels, touch, taste and smell. So don't worry if we not doing anything i.e. any specific activity with them, they are still learning something.

Indeed for young kids rigidity is a is more important. Let them explore with joy and happiness and let them be on their own foot sometimes. But yeah, not to do anything every day for long period of time may equal to not stimulating our child.

But again to emphasis, approach our child naturally. Not forcing, not too rigid and be flexible. Most important things is our warm and tender love for them.

Never be disappointed if there is time that we 'do nothing' with our child. Our attention and love are the most important factors in their life! cherish your lil one!

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