new reading collection!

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We have started with our new book for Umar's reading session. We have chosen Dr Seuss's book as our collection. The main reason is because I noticed that umar sometime mistakenly read the word which closely spelled.E.g. mouse and house. Secondly, just to make a variety in our collection thus introduce new style to Umar;)

In Dr Seuss book, it prepares ryhmes and interesting illustration which help umar to learn the word in detail. He enjoys it so much! We just had one book only. If anyone out there would like to sponsor us with the whole series it would be much appreciated!!!*grin*

Reading is fun! especially with our own kid:)


faezah said...

ala ana, anak faezah suka makan buku :)

cutiecaliph said...

faezah: its ok la..that a good sign..he enjoy the book on his own way and at his age, die gune sense of taste die to explore! iAllah dia akan suke buku me!