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I know people must be tired or maybe clueless with the current famous and controversial issue on the usage of the word "Allah".

Believe me, as a mother with young kids, we must know and follow by heart on this issue. This is not a small or simple issue that we must leave it for the 'alim ulama' only but instead it is the future of our kids and the most scary thing is it related to the aqidah.

I just don't want to elaborate much on this as I think there are a lot of good sources that everyone can find to explore and learn more on this. But I just wanna highlight some of the implications if the 'kalimah Allah' is allowed for the non-muslim to use it.

Kalimah Allah is a special name and God is a common name. For example a guy name Mr White. If he come to Malaysia we can not call him Mr Putih even though the meaning of white is putih as White is a special name. The word Allah is special and pathognomonic for Muslim.

If we allow Allah to be used to replace the word god, then what will happen to our syahadah?
"tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah" menjadi "tiada Tuhan melainkan tuhan"??

and the reality now is, our society aqidah in not as strong as before instead it become worse. So by manipulating the word Allah to replace the word god it may cause a lot of confusion indeed may cause a lot of apostasies in the future..nauzubillah..

and if we let this happen, later they will ask for more e.g. manipulating word solah, masjid etc.

Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan senang kepada kamu hingga kamu mengikuti agama mereka..(al baqarah 120)

fikir-fikirkanlah..masa depan anak-anak kita adalah tanggungjawab kita dan akan dipersoalkan di akhirat kelak...Wallahualam..

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