nurturing interest on books

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It is sometime a challenging experience to nurture the interest on book among babies or even toddler. The first step to reading is to introduce the books to them.

Introducing books is like introducing a person to your child. First let them spend some times with the book. Let them explore, turning the page and even tear it;)

It is a good sign if the baby turn the pages by him/herself. It shows that she know the sequence and later wanna read it.

One of a good ways to explore the book together with your baby or toddler is by choosing a book which allow more space for the kids to participate. Above are 2 books I used to start with when umar was less than 10months old. Besides reading aloud and let him recognize the word, we spend times doing the activities in the book together. Initially he just observed and listen and later when he able to speak he participated

From my observation, umar developed good understanding on instruction, learn how to 'tackle' the activities, build confidence and stimulate him to speak and read.

book with colourful illustration may attract toddler's attention; it is vital to choose books with simple writing on every page and lots of pictures to discuss with the kids!

enjoy reading and strengthening our mother-child bonding!


cutiecaliph said...

umar lovess those books!

Nurul Ulfa said...

I've been searching for those type of books...may I know where did u buy them?

cutiecaliph said...

you may find those books at most bookstores e.g. MPH, popular:)

enjoy reading with your kids!