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Anyone reading this post, if you were given options whether to work full time or be a work-at-home mom..which one will be your choice and why??

Any personal experience that influence your decision?

What kind of work-from-home business you wish to have or maybe you already started now?

Please leave your thoughts on 'comments' tab above ..

thanks a bunch..muah!

owh really interested to know and learn others experience..

lets share mothers!!


nazzfikri said...

seriously kalu boleh mmg xmau g kjer...tgg laki bg duit jer tiap2 bln bley dak???hahahaha...penah terbaca ada pros n cons...few months lepas pon der dok ckp2 ngn 1 of lecturer cni...dia ckp klu takat gaji dlm 1K je tu baik dok umah jaga anak jelah...sbb klu hantar nursery pon lebih krg 2 gak...plus pampers per sumer...skrg sumer nk $$$ jer...at least leh monitor ank tiap2 ari...klu ada kjer yg leh buat tanpa kuar rumah 2 mmg much better lah...

just my 2cents :P

cutiecaliph said...

thanks nazifah!!really appreciate ur thoght;) setuju2..mari kita tgk ape lg pendpt dan komen ibu2 di luar sana..:)

btw ko makin cunss:D

Afzan Aini said...

ooh, jage anak kat rumah mmg sangat best. tapi aku rase berkerjaya full time pon x de salahnye coz kite dah blajar lame2 sure mak ayah kite nk tgk kite berjaya dlm kerjaya. ramai je org yg berjaya dlm kerja dan juga successful dlm membesarkan anak2.

If u decide to work from home, make sure betul2 determine and buat sesuatu yg hasilnye same lumayan compare ngn ko keluar bekerja.

Anyway, skang internet marketing semakin maju dah. mmg boleh work from home, cuma tu lah, make sure mende tuh can sustain and same gak cam bekerje, ko kene tetapkan mase kerja n mase jage anak. kalo anak kacau ssh gak. anyway, business nih byk risiko. I still prefer makan gaji lah. as i know every month dah mmg ade pendapatan tetap. Business just for part time..

Tuh pendapat aku lah. dah jadi cam karangan BM dah. huhu..

tapi cam ko, blajar jauh2, jadik doktor, sayang lah tak gunakan kepakaran ko utk community. doctor kat malaysia nih masih kurang..

Afzan Aini said...

owh, ade sorg mummy nih die work from home. bace nih http://geniusqarissa.blogspot.com/ tapi kat rumah die ade maid utk jage anak, and die dah sgt kaye rasenye.. eheh. Die jual perfume. and anak die genius atas didikan die. same cam ko.

cutiecaliph said...

thanks afzan for your thought!kene tanye pndpt ko..ko kan sekrg wat dedua..hebat;) iAllah koleh jadi cam lady kat blog ko bg tuh..aku yakin ko berpotensi!

aku xplan nak berhenti..cuma aku sangat nak tau kenapa and any personal experience influence their decision:)

Lady Qay said...

if me, i prefer to at least part timer..at least i hv time wif my kid, n also anther activity besides home n kids..i prefer to be able to meet other people outside yg tkde kaitan dgnrmh ajer..hihihi

cutiecaliph said...

thanks lady Qay..yeah sometime i have the same thought as well..i loveesss to stay at home but would i miss adult conversations?! (maybe not the case for WAHM coz they may communicate with their client)

any personal experience anyone?

Intan Saleh said...

ko nak tanya pendapat aku ke? takde la.. apatah lagi pengalaman.. kwang3..

but this is my plan - habiskan my internship, then compulsory services, quit MOH, apply for part time job/locum.

what influence my plan- hubby's wish and plan, i love being a housewife, time for my kids, rasa rugi kalau tak practise langsung the skills.

whatever you decide on, i wish you all the best!

أم الليث said...

as a doctor maybe lain skit kot berbanding dengan kerja office. office hours are predictable but doctors don't have predictable hours. susah skit nak develop routine within the family. that's where the stress lies most of the time.

anyhoo, from a doctor's perspective, I know a lot of sisters who remain as residents until all their children are at least in primary school. as residents, you can choose your hours and don't have the pressure of exams and extra workload from being a registrar in training. u can still work and satisfy your intellectual and community needs/obligations but at the same time be able to be more involved in raising your children.

then when their children are all in school, these sisters then enter a training program. i know a sister who just started ED training in Austin. She is 43 years old. She has 5 kids and the youngest just went to school.
I look upon these sisters as a role model for me. Sape tak nak advance in their careers kan...nak jugak jadi specialist. but your career can be postponed. but your children's formative years can never be postponed.
as for me, i would like to stay at home but i'd also want to work maybe part time. you need some adult interaction and conversation to stay 'sane'. and your work will sharpen your mind and develop your organisational skills which can be transferred to home management. lgpun mothers are individuals too.. they need their space to grow and time to be someone else than the role of a mother in a different setting.
and kids also need to attend some sort of childcare/playgroup without the mother as well.

tifa said...

i feel like to be at home and that is my dream ! Dalam mimpi je..Tapi kalau i got opportunity to work at home memenag i akan buat . Malangnya tak ado lagi :)

cutiecaliph said...

intan: kwang2..thanks for the opinion..bagus tuh..aku suke baca pendpt org pasal ni ;) heheh aku bukan malas nak keje..cume recently interest in enterpreneur tuh tinggi sket..kehkeh..tp minat utk specialised pun ada..heh annti aku postla plan aku..cewahh..

ummu layth: wah2 good elaboration..yup true..we have the whole life to work but we can treasure early childhood of our children only once..

cutiecaliph said...

tifa: dreams and translate it to organise thought and work for it! if you really wanna it insyaAllah you can do it!

tuhla kan kalu bleh sume org nak dok umah dgn anak and duit masuk jek sentiasa:)

Timmy said...

Definitely WAHM lah if Ana tanya k timmy. simply bcoz kepuasan tgk ank membesar depan mata..i'm moving toward that now. I've finished my masters n lps ni just nk buat part time lecturing je.. Tkmo dh keje 9-5. I plan to quit my job by mid 2010. InsyaAllah.

Rizaidi said...
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cutiecaliph said...

k timyy: wah..bagus perancangan kak timmy..ana sokong..betul ibu adalah guru terbaik anak-anak because we love and has passion on them!

Pial Khadilla Abdullah said...

Hi Cutiecaliph, I really like your blog as I feel its got lots of information with a human and religious touch. I really want to teach my son to read but he's 15 months and still can't say any word. Maybe cuz he's a little confused cuz I speak to him in BM and my husband and his family speak to him in Arabic and TV&nursery they speak in English. So really don't know where to start, hope you'd be able to share on how you started teaching your son to read?

With regards to your post. I simply stumbled upon the situation I am in, which is a stay at home mum and I recently started my own beauty company. Allah always has the best stored for you and for now I can't wish to be at a better place as I get to spend time with my son, he goes to nursery nevertheless cz I'd like him to be able to interact with other kids his age and the educational activities they have in nurseries also I get to go out and meet people to spread the word about what I'm doing. So I hope that insyallah what ever's best for you and your family will come your way and you'll feel happy and contented :)

cutiecaliph said...

Dear gorgeous mommy, Ms Pial Khadilla, I am happy and honored to know that you like and benefited from this blog:) and it is nice to know you!

I am still learning and treasuring the beautiful journey of motherhood as well.

With regards to your son, I may give my opinion as a mother but I am not a pediatrician and if you are concern about it better if you see the pead soon, as a 'mother's concern' is a doctor's concern too. Mother knows best about their child!

According to child development, for 15months it is expected to speak about 2-3 words. But it's usually happens where the child speaks a bit later when there are more than 1 language used daily. But most will able to speak by 2years old. I think the best way is to stimulate your child to speak one language you prefer most. Do activity to encourage him to speak for example while in the bath, play with bubbles and make him say the words 'bubble'--> to develop the ability to pronounce the word 'B'. You may try other means as well. Active stimulation by doing activities is better than letting him watch the tv where he'll learn passively.

For reading i think it would not be a problem if you read aloud with him and let him play with the books to nuture his interest on books.

I started to show flash card actively when Umar is 8months. Before that I was just doing it once in a while (better if start actively earlier). Even though the child could not speak but trust me he'll learn the word. Be positive on what we are doing;)

Choose simple books with lots of illustration. Better if one sentence per page with colorful pictures.

These are just my 2 cents opinion and it is not substitute for consultation with the peads;)

Hope it may help a bit.

May Allah bless you and your family! Hugs and kisses for little one!

faezah said...

ana, kalau faezah diberi peluang, 100% faezah jadi fulltime mom...its a mum responsibility. tugas mak, ialah mengasuh dan mendidik anak-anak... (bukan memanjakan mereka)... :)

cutiecaliph said...

faezah: mother is the best teacher and school for the child!chaiyok!

temp. housewife said...

I prefer to work full time bcs right now I can't wait to go back to Msia and do my masters degree. Then I plan to find a full time job. Right now I'm a temporary SAHM in Hamilton, NZ. (ikut hubby yg buat phd). Right here, I fill up my time by bringing my daughters to attend a pre-school centre "playcentre" where parents run the whole centre voluntarily and we do teach our own kids in this centre. I've gained valuable experiences here and I wish we could have the same concept in Malaysia.

cutiecaliph said...

temp.housewife: the playcenter must be superb there..i attended once in Australia..then we were back to Malaysia..here there are some playcenter but there are mostly private which involve some cost..maybe one day you can set one perhaps;)