Origami project

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We did some simple origami together..initially we were folding some scrapped papers..suddenly ayah thought they were some wastes thus he threw away the papers..

umar was so sad, so i promise him to make a better origami using colored papers together..

So here are our project:

Umar's happy face
we surf together on the internet for some ideas

demonstrating his project

the results!;)

the website for some guides: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/origami_for_kids.htm


أم الليث said...

bagusnya Umar! Layth's attention span is too short for this kind of activity. Pernah try jugak but he usually wrecks what we folded hahaha

cutiecaliph said...

aliya: cuba wat ape yg dia enjoy..iAllah die leh focus longer..:)