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I cant wait for this baby to come out..huhu;) but yes sometimes baby need more time to be in the womb..a few friends did asked me to share the experience of giving birth in Oz in this blog..

This will be my first experience giving birth in Malaysia. I had a fantastic experience in Australia before (except the labor pain..but actually they managed it well..heheh). Umar was born on the 27th Ramadhan..and mind everyone at that time i haven't done my Obstetrics rotation yet so I have little knowledge on the labor process except what I've learned from the antenatal class and my own research;)

My contraction started around 5am of 26th Ramadhan..I felt fatigue that morning and have no appetite for sahur. Sahur time ended around 4am at that time. The contraction was strong but not frequent and not long enough, its about once in 20 minutes and last for about 15-20secs only. So i decided to bear with the pain and just do what ever may ease it. (the good and strong contraction is 2 in 10minutes with each contraction last for about 60secs).

The contraction become more intense+frequent and i had this terrible back pain (as my coccyx bone was pushed by the baby's head) and around 11am i had the 'bloody show'. I called the midwives and off we went to the labor room for vaginal examination (VE).

It was only 3cm..huhu 6 hrs of pain, only 3cm dilated. I was given option to stay at the labor room or go for a walk and come back around 2pm. Hubby and I decided to go for a walk. So off we walked around the hospital and parking lot then went back home. Our house just 2mins away from hospital.

At 2pm I came back to the labor room and just 4cm dilated. huhu..for first baby ,it is estimated to dilate 1cm every hour but sometime it can be longer. So they brought me to the labor room and asked me wether i want to have a water birth so they can prepare the huge bath tub. huhu as a first timer I refused to be in other than normal position (laying on my back)..hehe (they even have the standing and squatting position facilities to try).

When the pain become more unbearable, the polite midwive brought a big ball for me to sit on..I tried once but it did not help thus i refused..i started to take the ethanox gas and i think it did nothing they brought me to the attach toilet and let me have the warm did help a bit..while I was in the toilet they asked me what flower do i like..In my mind.."why la she asked me this kind of question when I am in pain??" I just answered hesitantly "red roses"..

then when I came out from the toilet there are red roses on the rack. so sweet right?! She said looked at the roses and imagine nice things and forget about the pain. I tried but I just could not get my mind off the pain. around 8pm my VE only 6cm. I was very tired as i only had small meal since the night before and I was fasting through out my third trimester. with 16 hours fast in Asutralia as it was summer.

Hubby was very worried so he performed his tahajjud prayer in that room on the ight of 27th ramadhan in my heart i wish that night was the lailatuqdr night. My parents just arrived that night and they came to he labor room. I cried to see my mom as I now understand all the sacrificed she had done for 6 of us..

Mom brought the 'air selusuh' from malaysia..but the funny thing is..hubby accidently drank it for his sahur as he did not know that was air selusuh. He drank all the water ok!Alhamdulillah he did not experience any contraction after that..hihihi ..we laugh when we remember this story..cute hubby!

proud dad..azan to the ears!

Most of the time i sat on the sofa in the labor room. They have this queen size bed for hubby and I to rest (cant rest with the pain!!)..dim light and slow Quran recitation on the background. I felt very peaceful inside even in the intense pain.

After midnight still about 8cm..and to make story short the 10cm dilatation was at 11.59 am on 27th ramadhan..after 3 pushing efforts Umar was born to this world, my medical friend was there as well to deliver the baby together with the midwive (she was with me in there like forever..pitty her)..and hubby cut the umbbilical cord. I had an episiotomy and hubby was turned white when he saw the blood spurting from down there (I could see his face..pitty hubby) but after few second he was back to his pink colour face:)

The good thing is, everything was for free as we were covered under the international insurance. And it was unforgettable memory in my life!

p/s: wish to be an O&G specialist and set up a center with water birth adn various position facilities.


NHCH said...

Ana, aku sokong ko jadi O&G Specialist... Tapi kalo aku gi kat kau, ko jgn laa tulis 'vacuum ext for poor maternal effort' lak... hahaha 'poor' dikatanya aku... kurang asam betul (",)

cutiecaliph said...

NHCH: heheh..tuh standard statement la utk reason for vacum;) maksudnya xlarat ler..bukan poor ape lain..hhii

p/s: comel le baby ko tuh!enjoy your nw journey into motherhood dear!

Rina Adnan-Demade said...

slm ana..rin ni..jumpa blog ana kat fbook..hehe.xtau pon ana pregnant second child. dah nk penghujung dh. sabar ye. pas ni best la dah dapat bb no.2 :) best la blog ana ni.ada byk ideas nk mengajar baby..sesuai ngan mother's w limited time..
umar sangat bijak!!!
take care dear :)

cutiecaliph said...

rina: salam rin!!ape khabar ur baby??dah toddler ek agaknye..glad to hear you enjoy my blog..meh la share ideas raising our kids;) doakan la utk labor yg kedua ni..
bila balik mesia?eh ke rin dah PR sana?

Afzan Aini said...

wahh.. bst gile bersalin kat Aussie. layanan best gile. kalo kat mesia nih, x de nye camtuh. siap ade bunge lagik. ehehe..

cutiecaliph said...

afzan: tuhla..seronok kan..aku berangan-angan la kalau diizinkan Allah nak wat center mcm tu kat mesia lambat lagi ler wujudnye tuh..:)

Rina Adnan-Demade said...
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أم الليث said...

eh time Umar ana dpt epidural kan? sbb teringat u cerita that u tried every pain management in the book. hehehehe

nanti beranak 2nd one private or public? kalau public they usually don't offer epidural pun unless u mintak. kesian org yg perlukannya

cutiecaliph said...

aliya: aa'ah,i got the epidural when its already 7cm dilated..coz i have no energy dah at that time..huhu..pidural utk 3jam terakhir..huhuhu

iAllah private utk no 2 ni..masa kat HSA JB sehari die offer 3 jek epidural sehari..utk case2 tertentu cthnya mother with heart problem etc..:)

cutiecaliph said...

aliya: now i remembered one more thing they gave me to try for the pain, the water injection..fuh..not helping at all..lagi sakit masa dia cucuk kat my back adela..the TENS all that I tak try..sebab rasa memang xmembantu..huhuhu

ibuaiman said...

salam perkenalan...bab bagi bunga ros tu yg plg sweet...kat Malaysia blm ada yg practice mcm ini rasanya even kat private...

cutiecaliph said...

ibuaiman: tuhla..sweetkan bab bunga ros tu:)..insyaAllah malaysia getting better day by day!

أم الليث said...

iye? inject air? tak pernah dengar/tengok/baca pun heheehh!

haah TENS tu memusykilkan betul lar hehehe

i had epidural too but they didn't do a PV on me sebelum buat tu. last2 dah masuk epidural..tgk2 dah fully..ces. tutup balik infusion. buang karan aje la nak masukkan needle tu hihi!

cutiecaliph said...

series..they called it water injection..placebo effect je not working for me..