Outdoor activity!

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Usually we had one day provided for outdoor activity together. This is the time when I look out for the groceries and find new reading materials for both umar and myself.

This week we went to the park. Not many photos as the camera was out of battery. We went to the Muslim groceries shop as early as 8.30am to get some fresh fish, chickens and veges.

Then we bought some roti canai and packed them to the park. The park was empty as everyone was at school and parents were working. Only few kids and parents there. So umar was free to explore all the facilities available.

exploring the 'gym' facilities' with ummi supervision

after a few minutes enjoying the playground, we had our breakfast..umar was happy as it was a difference experience for him to have breakfast outside the house!

then we strolled around the park and went back home around 10am..:)

"Hamba yang sihat lebih disukai Allah daripada hamba yang lemah"


أم الليث said...

a picnic is always fun!! even breakfast hehehe

seronok kan bila dpt conquer playground. kalau ramai sgt budak, bising and derang main tolak2.

cutiecaliph said...

aliya: true2..aman jek pepagi..a good morning walk for me as well..utk mempermudahkan bersalin la konon..huhuhu