prenatal stimulation

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The first year of life is a critical time. This is the time when the brain is growing explosively. The brain literally grows by use – and if we use it, we’re going to grow it. And if you don’t use it, especially in the first 12 months, then you literally will lose brain cells – you won’t have as much brain power as you would’ve had.
– Janet Doman
I am really interested in early childhood learning. I am an early reading advocate. The learning process of a child actually starts from age 0. The vital years for kids to learn is before the kinder age, 5 years old. At this time the right brain is dominant and the brain grows rapidly.

I am not saying that after the age of 5 child can not learn but those children who can read and stimulated early before 5 years old has better performance and outcome compared to those start late.

Alhamdulillah Umar finished his first book when he was 2 years plus. He can recognise words from his flash cards earlier. There are lots of kids out there can read at younger age than umar. Anyway I am satisfied at umar's achievement as he is a pioneer in my motherhood journey;)

Since I was pregnant of umar, I have started to read many books on early years education. It is hard to find a single book or method that provide good guideline thus I have tried many ways to stimulate my son with the guide from many books.

For this pregnancy, again I started early. Not so early but since I experience the quickening. I started with the Quran recitation. There are many ways to stimulate the baby prenatally (in the womb). I have not done all but some of them.

Umar putting the earphone on my tummy. They both listening to the juzzu' Ammar from my old PDA. This encourage good bonding between baby and umar too.alhamdulillah;)

To stimulate baby we can stimulate the 5 senses:

by gently response on the baby movement or rubbing the tummy.

shine 'spft' lights to the tummy. Some medical people do not advice this as there are possibility to damage the cells. Therefore it is advisable to do it in the late pregnancy i.e. 35 weeks and above. But use light that is not to bright

talk to your baby often, tell him story, read to him etc. Baby loves mother's voice. Listen to Quran, better if mother recite the Quran as the voice has the calming effects besides the Quran miracles.

so be creative to stimulate all the senses..

Pregnancy is an excellent experience, enjoy it and enjoy the learning adventures with your baby!

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