Puzzles activities:)

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puzzle book we bought about 2 years ago from Aust for only AUD6.99..
only utilize it now..it has 6 puzzles in it..

Umar nowadays is really into puzzles..pantang nampak puzzles mesti nak punya..either kat kedai or at anybody's home.

inside the book

We spend good times together solving the puzzles..I realized the key to enjoy puzzle is to be patience and good communication with each other.

The puzzles may benefit our preschooler in many ways:

Cognitive skills: Puzzles improve a child's problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships, increases their visual spacial awareness

Fine motor skills: Puzzles are fun way to improve fine motor skills.

Hand-eye coordination: As a child places each piece in the puzzle they are manipulating it so see if it fits. Their hand eye coordination is enhanced through this trial and error process.

Social skills: Puzzles can be done alone but are also a great tool for fostering cooperative play. As kids ask for a piece to be passed to them, or discuss where a piece should go they are sharing the task and learning to cooperate. It can also help a child learn how to handle frustration when a piece does not fit.

Different kind of puzzle we have..cube puzzles for 3+years ..
this is quite challenging and umar needs more encouragement to complete this..

Simple activity together with lots of benefit! enjoy! There are many puzzles online for the preschooler as well..I'll make a post on free educational websites for preschooler later kay:)

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