success depends on the little steps we take

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Taking one step at a time..success depends on the small steps that we take..

In our activity together, we do it according to our interest..for example, when umar was playing with the fridge magnet, we took that opportunity to explain and play with the magnet. It was simple but interesting. Umar end up testing for every single thing in the kitchen (except the sharps) wether it is a metal or not..and he learns that magnet attract another magnet of different poles and opposed when facing the same poles..all this was just using the fridge magnet..

Even though some people may think that the activities we had together just a common sense and a boring activity but believe me for the kid it was not..the activity actually make them feel more appreciated and more enthusiastic in the same time they know how the theory is implemented in day to day life..

This simple thing in our life may make a different in our child learn when they feel like doing it and it is not wrong to have a quiet day without any activity if everyone was not in the mood..e.g. just got back from long journey etc..

enjoy the early learning experiences with your intelligent children;)

utilize their golden years!

what they need is good environtment to stimulate them!

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