A reader today is a leader for tomorrow

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I like to highlight Tun Dr Mahathir's opinion on the important of reading to acquire knowledge in comparison to gaining knowledge through watching tv.

This was from the star date 31st jan 2010:

"Reading is different. It stays in your mind longer. You learn when you read. Not only the knowledge contain in the book but also the language, the way the book is written."

"Of course we can also acquire knowledge through television but we cannot gain an education just by watching television alone.They say picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes when you look at a picture, you see not just one but many thousands of words. However understanding still may not come and so you do not produce."

I think his words in the article explains clearly how acquiring knowledge from reading is the main important way and should be encouraged since young.

So, lets read with our kids!!choose the right material for them! Even Islam's first revelation was "iqra'":)

Reading is a way to release tense too!;)


temp. housewife said...

Reading opens the window of opportunities to explore to other world too.

cutiecaliph said...

it is so true!sekarang dgn ade ebook and internet bagai..memang reading brings lots of benefit la..:)

MQ said...

yes, I totally agree with his statement..but most people nowadays seem to prefer watching TV than reading any good books..if parents are not showing good example in reading, the children won't have the interest to do so later :(

cutiecaliph said...

MQ: that's the trend nowadays aite?ramai prefer tv compared to books..huhu..sedihkan..