Healthy Emotions

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I think this topic is very important for mothers. No matter FTWM or SAHM or WAHM. When we are are emotionally healthy, we have better control of our feeling and behaviour. This is vital for us as a mother especially those shouldered the title of super-working-mom.

Can we imagine, after a very hectic routine at work, came back home with a long list of house chores to settle plus young kids desperately need our attention. This is a common but challenging moment that highly need healthy emotion skills.

Some tips to share:

· Taking care of physical health - when exercise endorphins are released. A hormone that may lift the mood.

· Get adequate nutrients. Simple supplement may help.

· Spend time outdoor everyday even only for 10 minutes.

· Sleep and rest well

· Make time spent alone a meaningful ,productive and enjoyable moment.

Cultivate a good balance between responsibilities and the things we enjoy.

Last but not least: be close to Allah!!:)


temp. housewife said...

This part is always been neglected by most people even though it's the most important thing. May I add one more thing? Getting helps from your family members in doing household chores can uplift your emotion too. (mcm suami yg ringan tulang dan anak2 yg rajin)

cutiecaliph said...

temp housewife: that's a good point!dapat hubby yang rajin tolong kerja rumah memang sangat membantu kan:)