baby's food

  • 0 is a bliss to have extra time for the kids..thank you Allah..really feel grateful *tears*

during this hols i prepared my baby's food myself.. he ate it like never taste such a delicious taste before..masyaAllah..(air tangan seorang ibu;) )

simple porridge with carrot, potato, broccoli and cauliflower..he lovess it so much!!
forgot to take the photo..

tomorrow: chicken porridge with potato and some tomato to enhance the taste!yummy!!

p/s: this reminds me when umar was 6-12months..homemade solid food all the time..superb! i wish to do that again but the work schedule really a constraint!yikes! nvm will try my best to provide homemade food to baby thariq too!! love both of you to every single cells kids!

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