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Every Super-mom knows that she never walks up the stairs empty handed.

I like this statement lots..It is really true. It can be just literal meaning that a mother would not climbing up stairs without her kids or toys on her hands or another meaning is a successful mother would not achieve success alone, she would carry along her children.

Like now, I am not alone when typing this but with kids around me (the baby trying hard to press the button) and toys everywhere on the floor.But I do not consider myself as super-mom.

I am use to it and instead I am happy this way rather than my kids in their playroom or downstairs while I am here attending my own interest.

This reminds me to a friend during my university years “hey, go and find new interest la weih, rather than go back and ‘stuck’ with your kids..Come and watch some movie or have some funs with us..”

I just smiling and at that moment I realized that those entertainments mentioned to me has no more fun in them as compared to be with my kids either at home or anywhere else with them tagging around my waist or pulling my cloth or ‘tudung’. Seriously, for me the kids give me lots of fun rather than staying away from them

Then someone else asked me another questions “how do you keep yourself sane?”

First of all what make you insane? The kids? It is not for me..instead the kids make me realized my actual purpose of life and they actually offer me the easiest way to find Allah's blessings..:)

My immediate answer to the question on how do I keep myself sane is have my own ‘me time’ early in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping, pray and ‘talk’ to Allah all my hopes, my plan, my problem or just anything…then if I still have more time I will read the Quran and my other books to carry my imagination to the world I want it to be..

Working mother with 2 kids..

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