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We now moving on to expand our knowledge and understand the world around us by adding up our reading collections with new 'picture encyclopedia'. I think this might be a good suggestion for those looking for a encyclopedia for your pre-kinder kids..

I was thinking of having this books for ages but waiting for the right time to introduce this books so it will be beneficial and utilize fully. Browsing through some encyclopedia, I found this one book with lots of picture and only small paragraph to explain each photo. I think this is an excellent book to start with because the short description can be our short guideline to further talk about that picture.

I use this opportunity to discuss and talk about it in English and relate to few simple arabic words that umar has learn from our everyday session after maghrib (if I'm not oncall).

The book just superb as it covers vast range of information e.g. human anatomy, the planets, the nature, machines etc.

One day we went for an outing to an animal park and saw a camel. Umar say "ummi, on its back has food right?". "where's food?nothing on his back la umar.."..umar said"no la ummi, see the 'bonggol' there..camel keep food in need food for long time.."..

"eh mana umar tau ni?" umar-->"isk ummi ni kan dah tgk dalam book besar (encyclopedia)..

at least i feel good knowing that he understood something from our discussion..huhu..alhamdulillah..

p/s: never forget to relate the creations back to the Almighty..let our kids know that the most superior is Allah!;)

pict: umar and thariq berebut to open the next page..hehe

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