School Hunting

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School hunting actually is not easy. Umar is turning 7yrs next year and both of us already started the school hunting (surfing and collecting information) since early this year. I believe all parents have their aims and goals for their own blood, same goes to us. We want our sons to be a good daie, mukmin, professionals and able to convey Islam with confidence and sincerity.

We wants school that practise islamic environment and implement islamic khalifatullah concept on their students. Hafazan is compulsory in their schedule with good muslim character nurturing. Arabic and English are two basic medium of communication.

Allah has planned everything for us, since in Seremban it is very hard to find a school with those points mentioned, with Allah help hubby got a new job in kl and I was transfered to Hospital in Klang Valley. Alhamdulillah, and now we have lots of options for Umar and we only need to analyse according to the essential need in umar's education a.k.a life and our financial capability.

We have discuss the options with Umar and it seems that both parties has the same interest and agreed for this one school. May Allah make Umar a good mukmin and excellent fid dunia wal akhirah.

"Alhumma Faqih hu fiddin, wa 'alimhu ta'wil"...

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bole sy tahu,sekolah apa yg umar attend?