reading with my toddler project

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A few points on how to read with your toddler:

1. introduce him with books or words since young (I started introducing the flashcard to umar since he is about 2 months old..the earlier the better)

2. parents must be good example (mother especially) , when they see us reading, they'll be interested to read..e.g. for umar, he'll grab his own book when i'm reading my book

3. read when he wants to read.find a suitable not force them to read especially a toddler.they need to move around to explore their world.while reading, if the child looks bored/tired,its ok to stop..morning is the best time as they are still fresh..stop if they wanna stop..

4. start with parents read aloud to not ask or test them. young kids don't like to be tested e.g. dont test them on the word we just read to them.even though they look as a passive listener but they do learn!

5. choose a suitable book to thier age (will be elobrated in other post)

6. DOA utk anak sentiasa..doa ibu itu makbul..seriously, ana kalau rasa susah nak ajar anak sesuatu, doa specific utk anak tu, sebut nama dalam doa..iAllah, Allah akan bantu..

7. appropriate for toddler: after reading/showing flashcard, may reinforce the word by other means. e.g. after showing flashcard on 'cucumber', show them the 'cucumber' and surf encyclopedia online on 'cucumber'..

8. to encourage kids to read, reward method. e.g. used sticker they like (e.g. umar like sticker on cars) and stick on the page they have succesfully mastered..

9. choose appropriate font size for appropriate age..younger infant could not see small print and they see better in red colour..because of the immature cells of the eye..choose bigger print even for toddler and simple sentence a age may change to smaller font and black colour font..:)

10. try to make a routine to read everyday..its ok if only a page or even a sentence a day..make it an enjoyable experience for both ibu dan anak!!

enjoy reading everyone!

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