He can read at 2 years 10months old

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Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..today umar had finished his 4th books, the ladybird 2a book..he became more and more interested in reading..everytime we passed a shopping mall he'll say "ayah, there's bookstore"..masya-Allah..with Allah blessings, he can finish his book in one day..good boy..he'll be uneasy if he still not finish his new book..the first book took 2 weeks to finish but after that reading is easier for him..alhamdulillah:)

umar loves to read

He actually started reading on the 4th of Oct and on the 18th October 2009 Umar had finished reading his first book..book 1a of ladybird series..he read himself with me supervising..

My target now if to enrich his vocabulary daily..I'm making my own flash card now..(continuation of our old homemade flashcard)..he can read few of the flash card that i've showed him when he was a baby..subhanallah..

My aim is to make him read at early age so that he can treasure a lot of books out there..and by reading he can explore anything to enrich his knowledge..

besides that I'll pray to Allah and try to make him read arabic as well...after watching the 'salasilah Rasulullah' I have this strong determination to help my son memorize the Quran..oh Allah please help us..

now i feel like my holiday is too short for all these..biiznillah

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