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Nowadays majority women working while parenting. It is also a growing trend for mothers to start working from home and it has been a good steps to improve the quality of the parents-child bonding.

I personally feels that working from home and be with your child 247 is a bonus and anyone with this previlage must be grateful.

I myself had decided to be in the working-mum line (for the time being;)), however I strongly believed that working mother may have the same quality and similar good outcome on their child if we know how to have a 'quality' time in each and every single day with our child even though we are working outside the house.

I have started my family at a very young age (according to the trend nowadays) at 22 years old and be a mother at 23 years old. At that time i was a 2nd year medical student who studying abroad far from my family.

Many people questioning my ability to cope with my study/career and family. I do not say that I successfully gone through this challenging pathway but after I complete my undergrad study I have realized some points that make me strong and help me to survive both my study and my family..Alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah!!

When I looked back, I realized some points that I would like to share which had help me and may help others to survive this difficult situation:

1) First and foremost:

always pray and depends on Allah on everything and always be grateful on what He has given us...we have more than others if we realized..have strong believe that what Allah decides for us is the best.

2) Set priorities:

it is impossible for your child and your career to both be in No 1 rank. Working mother must honestly make your own decision. This help you to realized and focus on what you are doing. Many people afraid to say that they put their child at no 1 rank as they think that they might fail their course..but it is a wrong perception. Instead it actually helps to avoid confusion in future. I personally think that parenthood make me a better person in life and my career. It tremendously help me to think and act differently and have a better perspective. Maybe some people think that I am slow in my career development but I personally think that this doesnt changed my career goals, only the timeframe to reach that goals. I strongly believe that putting my family first wont hurt my career in the long run.

2) time management

working mother must have strong determination to 'manage our time' and 'work for it!' It is undeniable that it is sometime troublesome but if we have proper time organization it will really help!

3) enough support from family / people around you

Our spouse play the most important role. He must be an understanding person of our situation and willing to offer help at anytime. It will be a bonus if parents or in laws and friends wish to help (alhamdulillah this is my case) because sometime you need extra hand if your work schedule need you to go outstation etc.

4) child care:

how to choose a suitable childcare?

Some people prefer childcare or maid. For me I prefer childcare. Childcare have two catogories 1) family based and 2) child center based...will be discuss in later topic.

Work and enjoy at the same time mothers!;)

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