gardening with your toddler

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We did some gardening around the house together..early morning after umar wakes up before taking bath we went out, water the plant, clean the drain and water the grass which turned yellow after mowing..


Umar asked lots of questions while helping:

1. why we need to water the plant?

i took this opportunity to applied science knowledge that we learn together before. I taught him in simple way using human as analogy where we needs water to drink, food to eat (fertilizer and minerals from ground for plant) and lights a.k.a sun to grow.

2. why the grass turn yellow?

again I applied the need for sun for the plant to make food and gow healthy.The best part is when the grass become green again and umar was so proud of his daily routine watering it until it become 'healthy' again! superb cutiepie!


more questions as below:

3. ummi, kenapa pokok ni ade bunga?

4.pokok kene tido tak umi?

5. kenapa tempat siram ni berat bila isi air penuh-penuh?=)


Gardening is good. Encourage my son to think, encourage self esteem as he can do a lot of adult work, a form of exercise in the morning and applied team-work to maintain our small precious lawn;)..

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