communicate better with your child

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we went to the nearby playground yesterday.we usually have an outdoor activity on wednesday morning either going to the park, library or buy groceries together..

not many kids around, and I've overheard this conversation between a mum and a kid while the kid navigate his kite. he is just about 5 years old.

mom: "tarik la tali tuh..kang jatuh..kalau xreti main xyah main"

son: *silent*

nowadays I've realized parents are more aware the importance of good communication with their children. The above scenario disappointing me. In my brain I was thinking

"why did you come to the playground on the first place?"

for me the answer is simple: to make my son happy and he can learns a lot of things indirectly.

But when a mother scold the child like that, it will be a bad experience or day for him or perhaps he would feel low confidence level as his own mother did not trust his capability..

poor child..

Please Allah, grants us patience to raise our children!

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