My son's pet

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I never thought of keeping any pet at home until a friend gave me one. A siamese clean and adorable cat. She named him tommy.


I was at first hesitate to care for the cat because I was pregnant. A pregnant lady may have toxoplasmosis which may affect my unborn baby (the brain especially) and because my eldest son just 2 years 10months old. For a young kid like umar, I'm afraid if he get asthma or rhinitis (hubby has this) due to allergic to the cat fur.

Interestingly, hubby seems very interested to have the cat. I never thought that hubby like to have a pet at home as he is a detail person which I assume having a cat may compromise the cleanliness of our home sweet home.
and he has allergic rhinitis too (but not too bad).

Day by day..I fall in love with Tommy. I rarely touch tommy (but had little one way conversation with him) initially but day after day I was attracted to let him sit in my lap and sometime 'cuddle' him..

Then I realized that Tommy actually brings benefit to us.

For myself, I realized that touching and caring for tommy brings more peace within me. I sometime feel safe when Tommy is around. e.g. one night a stray cat got into our house at 2.30am from one of the open window downstairs. Because Tommy was around the cat fight with him and dismissed from our house..Tommy usually doesn't like other cat to mess around our house, which is good cause no more cat feces on my lawn grass.


Umar himself has shown his brotherhood to the cat. He called himself "abang umar' to the cat and really care for tommy as he is his younger brother. E.g. when he wanna sleep, he'll call tommy "come tommy to abang umar..we sleep together.." so cute:) This ease the transition to share ummi's and ayah's love with the baby soon and he starts to realize that it is fun to have a new playmate:) bravo umar!

today after about 3 months having tommy at home, umar has improved a lot.He cares more about the cat. first thing in the morning after seing me and hubby, he'll asked "where's tommy, umi?".

He'll run down stairs to feed tommy and when tommy show sign of thirst he'll put some water in tommy's container.I am proud of my son and glad that we have this cat.

for hubby, tommy make him less stress and more gentle..heheh..:) (he is a gentleman before now more gentle;) )

It is a wonder how a cat can change our life!! I've realized that I can used this to develop other aspect such as dicipline, responsibility in umar and as a medium to strentghen our parents child bonding ..alhamdulillah..

find a suitable pet for is a new experience for us! Allah the Almighty who creates animals for human benefit!MasyaAllah..

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