Mengenal hukum dalam Islam

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Now umar is watching CD on hukum-hukum has been a long time since he last watched this CD..I bought it for a charity for 'anak yatim' here in Seremban. At first I was a bit reluctant to buy it but since it has Islamic value and seerah (Prophet Nuh) I hink why not give a try..

Just now we performed the Dhuha prayer together..Umar asked me:

umar: Umi solat ape ni?
ummi: Sunat Dhuha
umar: Oh..sunnah..kalau buat dapat pahala..
ummi: mana umar tahu?
ummar: mcm dalam cd tuh ckp..

Emm not bad..alhamdulillah he gains something from the cd..

When he saw the news on flood in East Malaysia, he said "Macam cerita nabi nuh je..banjir"

Then he will tell us more on what he remember from the CD..

It is not good to allow excessive tv/cd for our kids, but it may be beneficial for short duration and with ummi or ayah accompanying and explaining on what is on the show..

Choose a proper show with educational value! Wallahualam..

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