Natural Parenting

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Now I am in my 33rd weeks of my wonderful pregnancy.I am so grateful to Allah for the nice experience and not so much sickness.

Since it is about 5 weeks more to go to reach the 'matured' pregnancy state; the 37th completed weeks, Hubby and I both start thinking on what are needed for the baby.

Alhamdulillah, from the scan it shows that we going to have another mujahid! alhamdulillah..I start to imagine that both my boys are close to each other, independent and be good muslims, InsyaAllah!

We also do not have to buy a lot of things except few new clothes and few breast feeding gadget for this baby.

Breast feeding? Yes, we are planning to exclusively breastfeed this baby. It was unlucky for Umar last time because I could not exclusively breastfeed him for long as he went back to Malaysia 3 months earlier than me and I only had little knowledge on it even though I thought I know much on it.* sob..sob*
Ayah burping umar after the breastfeeding..

As we are thinking about breastfeeding, we actually plan to make a step towards natural parenting. We planned to be as natural as possible. We are now looking for several good offers on cloth diapers. Yes, 'cloth' sound likes old style but surprisingly it allow so much to save and good for the baby and the environment too.


I have read on this to learn more and to prepare for the coming baby. Some people may ask wont it cause so much work to keep changing the diaper and wont it cause rashes.

As for Umar, even he wore disposable diapers before (as I was so ignorant on natural parenting) we changed the diaper quite frequent to avoid rash and discomfort. So I think no much different for CD.
Got the idea from my reading in Pa&Ma Magazine

Since I'll start working about 2months after the labour, I pray hard that I could practice natural parenting with strong support from dear husband! Biiznillah..


amiza said...

ana, i'm applying natural parenting in raising up my princess, Aqilah..been using cloth diapers for few months, co-sleeping with her and breastfeeding her till today..Alhamdulillah..cloth diapers is a good choice and a money saver too!!

cutiecaliph said...

alhamdulillah..bagus amiza..i am determine this time coz xnak lg frust seperti pengalaman lalu..all because of many unavoidable reasons..

true.cloth diapers let us save a lot too besides it is good for the baby and the nature!