in love with motherhood

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When I review my blog,I realize that I've been posting up many entries on my beloved son umar. It is not my intention to sell our story or to show public what we did together, but instead just to share and as appreciation for him on his achievements.

I also hope it my offer some ideas and encourage mothers,especially young mothers to appreciate their time with little one and try our best to educate our little caliphs since they are very young. No matter how bsy we are, our children are our responsibility and the trust given by our God;the almighty Allah.

I myself is only a young and 'new' mother. Three years is not enough to learn everything about motherhood but the duration has taught me a lot . I mysellf still trying and some times encounter error to find the best, enjoyable and most effective method or system for my child. It is not easy and requires sacrifice and patience.

I admit that I have referred to many books related to parenting, child development and the medicine which I studied contributes a lot in this interesting and challenging journey. What I share and practice are from what I have learned from time to time.

Hope the points may benefit or spark the spirit of motherhood for our satisfaction in future. There's no wrong in trying to be the best mother for our children but the ultimate outcome is from Allah. So lets pray hard!

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