exlopring nature with family!

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I wanted to bring umar for a simple 'tracking' experience for so long but not sure where and when. Alhamdulillah last weekend, we went to visit umar's pak long in Kuantan and off we go to the waterfall. (umar call it 'waterjun' = waterfall+air terjun..hihi)
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to reach the spot nearest to the waterfall we had to do some jungle tracking. Surprisingly Umar was so eager and enjoying the tracking so much. His cute mouth never stop asking me a lot of questions. I let him touch the trees, dried leaves or anything which is safe for him to let him explore as much as he could. We even came across a very big 'ulat gonggok' as big as my big toe.
Umar was so excited, he wanna touch it and of course I did not allow him.

Above was his photo with uncle haziq. I like the uniqueness of the photo, clear background with dark figures..heh

In the afternoon, we went to Teluk Chempedak and umar was busy playing with the sand while we observed him do what ever he wanted to with the sand. We only allowed him to play with dried sand coz I did not planned to change his cloth again after the tiring 'exploration' at the 'waterjun';)

with his pak su


Afzan Aini said...

la, apsal x ckp g kuantan, leh makan kenduri kat umah aku sabtu tuh.

cutiecaliph said...

la yeke..xtau ade kenduri..kalau x leh aku serbu dengan 4 kereta..heheh..xde rezeki la tuh.