new baby:)

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We have started washing the 'old but seems new' baby clothes. I was excited and triggered by the cute little clothes and shoe.huhu..I'm getting clucky;)

We were so lucky to have parents from both sides and friends who bought the clothes (we end up buying only 2-3 pieces only). My Oz friend Jessica and David bought us one big basket full of newborn attires from top to toes including cute baby wrappers. Miss u Jess. Had been a long time since last meeting you guys.

Umar oso was busy 'trying' the baby's pants as in he can fit into it..heehehehe ..cute lil umar. He keep saying " dulu umar muat ni..tapi sebab umar dah besar and umar sayang adik,umar bg baby la baju-baju ni"..

he oso starts to 'distribute' his toys: "yg ni umar xnak main dah.umar dah besar..bagi baby la ummi" . The toys oso mostly are gifts from my friends and juniors in Oz. Including cute little musical potty which umar is using now. Credit to my Dandee Hospital Colleagues! We only bought 1-2 items for educational purposes.

Baby cot also was re-setup and umar said "baby biar tido dgn umar..kalau baby nangis umar panggil ummi.." huhu ..very brotherly la anak ummi ni..the baby cot was from Ikea using the voucher gifts from hubby's KMYS's friends. Thanks peeps!

Slowly I wanna wash other equipments e.g. baby mosquito net (the one like tudung saji and the hang one) the stroller, the baby carrier, the baby 'basket' and baby car seat etc. Alhamdulillah everything still in good condition, still in the shipping box from Oz.heheh

Please pray for us for everything to go smoothly and for an easy labour and cute little musleh baby!Amin..


Afzan Aini said...

umar dh pandai cakap. and dah boleh show die sayang adik.. Good boy umar.. Affan kecik lagi, die jeles kalo mama die dukung baby lain. EHEH.

cutiecaliph said...

xpe..affan nanti paham la die tu..mesti dia sayang adik die punye la..dont worry;) affan handsome boy!

أم الليث said...

wah tak tau pun Ana pregnant. Tahniah and all the best for your labour nanti

cutiecaliph said...

aliya: Alhamdulillah..mengisi 'masa terluang' sebelum mula bekerja..hihi..rezeqi yang dinanti2:)