trip to zoo melaka

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We went to my cousin wedding in JB during the awal muharram holiday.
It was a good time to meet most of the relatives and celebrating the first wedding had in JB.

May Allah bless the couples and grant them His blessing in this world and hereafter. Congratulation to Tahirah and hubbby!

On the way back, we went to Zoo Melaka as Umar had been asking for a trip to the zoo for soo many times. We had a trip to the national zoo when umar was 1years plus.

umar and the miniature will be perfect for him to ride on!;)

For this second time, umar was so excited and he learns a lot as compared to our previous trip. Even though we only spent 2 solid hours there. As usual many questions came up and many statements made by this cutiepie!

on a giant tortoise replica

While exploring, we did discussed on the great power of Allah creating all these with different colours, shape, species etc. The first and simple step to educate our child on faith is to introduce him to the world and make him think about His creations.

Umar was so amazed with his exploration and keep talking about it in the car and even calling his grandma to tell her on his trip..;)


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