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I've joined the 'conteng-conteng' group. It is an interesting website that appreciate kids masterpieces. Since I have taken some photos on Umar's art works so I think why not submit some of the paintings to the conteng-conteng gallery.

Hopefully we can view it there (link below at my sidebar) and umar is excited to see them there actually. I have told him and he agreed to submit the drawings.

Kids learn a lot from arts especially when we do together with them..
Art to a toddler doesn't have to be something elaborate or planned in great detail. It can consist of little things that might not register with us as being "art."

Most toddler art will look like scribbles, and that's okay. It's supposed to be just scribbles, but it's important to the child because it's his first form of expression. Eventually, it will develop into drawing, painting, and writing, but for now, we have to encourage scribbling.
Umar was learning on color contrast..I gave him white and purple colored papers and provided him with
white color. When he did the painting he commented that he can't see the white color on white paper
then we discuss why..:) (excuse the baby cot at the back, been re-setup for the baby;) )

Some of the benefit I can think of are:
  • Gives children a sense of achievement
  • Improves fine motor skills needed for learning to write
  • Increases the ability to concentrate (which is great for school)
  • Provides special, quality time with you (creates great memories!)
  • Allows your child to express him or herself
  • Teaches creativity

Besides all the above, Umar also learns discipline from arts activities where he'll make sure everything will be kept back to the right place and he'll wash the equipments he had used.

More arts to be submitted to conteng-conteng..*wink*

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