So Many Questions

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"Encouraging our child to ask lots of questions helps him become a stronger thinker"- Bill Zimmerman

Like other kids out there, Umar is now at the stage of asking a lot of questions. Most of his questions is the "why?" questions. It is challenging for mr hubby and I to answer all his questions. I personally encourage him to ask questions on his surrounding by explaining things to him..and now he demands the explanation for almost everything:)

Many parents sometimes complained of being tired and tedious to answer the kids questions. I remember when I was a kid, I was also a kid who loves to ask and talks a lot. I remember my parents always said "dia berhenti ckp bila dia tidur je" (with smile and love tones).. but they never resent me without an answer for my every question.

Then now it comes to my turn and I actually enjoy this phase. It is just that sometimes I did not have the answer for his Q's. I would try my best to answer them as what my parents did before and I could still feel the feeling of loves and cares when my questions been answered.

I will always remind myself not to stop Umar from asking and try to answer his questions sincerely. In one day he'll ask on just anything he sees. He even asked a lot about his younger brother..he asked my obstetrician when and why questions on the baby.

"when baby will come out?from where?why he needs to be in the tummy for so long? will the doct cut your tummy to get the baby out?" ..list goes on..

Here we should remind ourselves to try to entertain all the questions sincerely and be patience. By doing this we actually encourage our child to gain control over his world, learns to think critically and learns the complexities of life.

Enjoy answering our child brilliant questions!


Timmy said...

Faiq pun in the same phase.., 'kenapa' phase. Td soalan dia masa k timmy tgh minum air soya, "ummi minum apa?"
I answered "minum air soya". Sambung pulak " soya apa?"
haha... Mcm mengajar science pulak rasanya..

cutiecaliph said...

k timmy: ala comel nye faiq tuh..tuhla..mesti die nak tahu sampai detail kan?huhu..kadang2 mencabar x nak menjawab?