Geography class?

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I have posted this video on my FB. It was a spontaneous learning activity actually. I never planned to have any geography class with dearest umar. But after we did that, i think why not we continue it?!

While watching the tv, umar asked me, "where is Mekah ummi? Is it far?"

Then I simply answer "yes, we need to go on the plane to go to Mekah.."

Umar seems not satisfied with my answer. Then I was thinking " Better if I show him the map to have a clearer picture."

Visual aid may help better understanding. Then it was when we start learning the map. From time to time, when he came across names of any country or places on tv or through his daily conversation he'll ask me to show him where is the place on the map.

The video below was taken last night as he asked me where is Palestine after he saw the news on Palestine issue on Buletin Utama. I forgot to ask him where is London, because he so eager to know where is his ayah's university was;)

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