Umar learns Furqan

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Just some updates on Umar's progress on his Furqan session. I really want to start this learning process early but I could not find the best way that suits him until he was 3 years old.

I try not to push him, and now he shows his interest in learning Furqan. Maybe he just not ready or interested before. Alhamdulillah within few weeks he shows good improvement. My target is to finish Furqan book 2 last 2 weeks but Umar was not well due to fever thus we extend the dateline;)

I've changed from Iqra' to Furqan book for him because Furqan has more colourful pages, simple, big writings, it has some ryhmes (e.g. when learning the 'baris' the book make it like a sentence e.g. 'A Bi Ba Wa Bu Ku'). Umar giggles and was excited to learn the ryhmes;)

May Allah ease our effort to learn Quran and arabic!

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